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Andrew Wilson translates his spectrum of talents into progressive, innovative visual concepts. His dynamic portfolio reveals the versatility and depth of a genuine creative professional. With his command of the entire creative process—sketching, wireframing, UI design, styleguide creation, interface development and concept visualization—he has produced a leading body of highly original work including web design, Flash, illustration, online marketing campaigns, print advertising, manual design, prototyping, branding and game animation.

By applying his intuition and innate talent, Andrew worked his way up from intern at a small media firm to a respected Art Director at some of America’s largest corporations. He started his career as a digital ink-and-paint artist for the video game company Vortex Media Arts. His diligence and skills were soon rewarded when he was promoted to Art Director for The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield video game. During this time, Andrew expanded his talents into website design. This capability proved invaluable when Vortex was acquired by Digital Evolution. While at D.E., Andrew worked on several web projects for Fortune 500 clients, helping to create groundbreaking Flash design for the Walt Disney Company. These experiences, in combination with the completion of numerous notable freelance projects, led to a role with AOL's prototyping team, XPL. Following AOL, he was at the forefront of Interactive initiatives at Discovery Communications, where he oversaw the creative direction for Animal Planet, Health, and Planet Green networks. Additionally, he led the Ad Sales team and did the groundwork for the Interactive group's creative process. As Art Director for Discovery Networks International, he oversaw the creative efforts for the global presence of interactive sites representing 10 brands in 14 regions.

It’s not surprising, given his creative sensibility, that in addition to his design skills Andrew is also an accomplished musician and photographer. Recently, Andrew's music has been featured on the TV show Top Chef. Previously, with Andrew on the Rhodes keyboard, he played with noted Los Angeles funk-soul band The Congregation, who, in addition to creating their own buzz, opened for the Black Eyed Peas, Galactic and Ozomatli. They were also featured on the soundtrack album of Lawrence Fishburne’s film Once in the Life. Andrew‘s own Hip Hop band, Haphazard, made the Top 20,‘s Top 100 and was featured in Gig Magazine. He is currently working on a full-length album project, which he plans to release commercially in the near future. Though he hasn't pursued photography professionally, his work has been featured on Metromix, NowPublic, Schmap and the German-language Berlin Wall book, Die Berliner Mauer in der Welt.

Notable Mentions:

Featured in the Taschen books Logo Design Volume II and III
Featured in the sourcebook Freewave
Interviewed by Web Designer Magazine
Featured on Media Inspiration
Won Business Technology Association Innovation Award
Awarded Kanagawa Design Silver Medal

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